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Hi, I'm Barbara,
english-speaking Lifecoach for Self-Love and Inner Child Healing in Zurich.


Barbara has been a trainer, lecturer and master-coach at the Swiss Coaching Institute since 2014. She currently lives partly in the Engadine mountains, partly abroad.

It's her passion to further others in deep levels of their self-development. Yes, she loves the 'deep end of the pool', and the core questions in life:

Who am I? What am I here for? How can I become who I truly am? How can I set myself free from past burdens and limiting patterns? How can I learn to love myself and others?

Having walked through these questions herself, she can be a true companion on the Path. With her profound experience and inshakable trust that everyone carries their true answers within themselves, she is a very powerful guide into deep inner healing and self-empowerment.

Find more about her training, and what clients say here.

Barbara loves:  inspiring conversations with friends, deep meditation, walks in the forest, cuddling animals, aha-moments, laughing together and the Engadine mountains.

About Me



Coaching for wings to fly

Coaching-packages & tailormade offers

Shaking off old burdens:

  • innerer child work

  • healing old emotional stress and trauma lingering in the body and mind

  • clearing up negative behavior patterns at their root


​​Wings to fly:

  • deepening self-love, self-esteem and self-compassion

  • liberating your day to day self-expression

  • speeding up your process of awakening


Single Coaching Session:


  • free 20 minutes getting to know each other

  • private clients 180 CHF / 60 min

  • business clients 240 CHF / 60 min


For questions and appointments: contact



  • online or in the coaching-practice in Zurich

Your investment in You:

  • Package "rising lion" (3 Sessions)

    • 690 CHF

    • to turn around smaller, specific life situations

  • Package "marching wolf" (5 Sessions)

    • 990 CHF

    • to heal and transform bigger issues

  • Package "flying eagle" (7 Sessions)

    • 1290 CHF

    • for profound growth and establishing new, empowering lifepatterns

a session is usually 90 minutes

Other offers:

  • Supervision and trainings for life-coaches

  • Workshops and retreats for groups


Contact me and let's create your tailor-made offer!



"The purpose of life is self-development. To realise one's nature fully - that is what we are here for." 

Oscar Wilde

Let's Talk
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