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Training & EXperience.

  • Master Life & Relationship-Coach ICI

  • Dipl. Mentalcoach ECA

  • Cert. Integralcoach ECA

  • Master-training in Psychology with Dr. Spezzano (130 days)

  • Master of Arts, Zurich University

  • Master of Higher Education, Zurich University

  • Meditation-Teacher-Training with Aaravindha Himadra (7 years)

  • Trainer and lecturer Swiss Coaching Institute Living Sense (2014-2023)

  • Expert for Timeline-Therapy and Inner-Child-work

  • College-teacher (Gymnasium) in Zurich (2000-2018)

  • Meditation Teacher (2018-2023)

  • Workshops and retreats for personal development (2012-2023)

  • Interpreter for lectures and seminars (E-D)


"Wow – that was more than coaching! So much development and healing, I still feel it going on. Your way of coaching is a powerful accelerator."


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